GrumpyClan is one of the four clans of the River Territories

GrumpyClan was found by Grumpy Cat

Territory Edit

GrumpyClan lives in the northern direction of the territory, and in a place of shadowy pine trees. A murky stream that goes from NyanClan territory, floods into a shadowed pool of deep water called, The Doves Cry. Leaders and Medicine cats go there when it is time.

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Grumpystar (Night)

Deputy: Pokeysnout (Open)

Medicine Cat: Open

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Clawpaw (Night)


Jaysnarl (Night)

Cypressheart (Red)

Apprentices: Fangpaw (Open)

Kits: Stormkit (Night)

Queens: Dovecry (Coco)

Elders: Hollowheart (Night)

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