DogeClan is one of the four clans of the River territories.

Doge is the founder of DogeClan.

Territory Edit

DogeClan lives in a lush, green forest, with the great river running along the edge of the territory. A large pine sits on the edge of all the clans territories, and is used for gatherings. A pool of shining water makes a home for itself in the heart of the forest, called The Infinity Pool. DogeClan leaders and medicine cats come here for half moons and lives.

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Wowstar (Night)

Deputy: Open

Medicine cat: Woofwoof (Night)

Medicine cat Apprentice: Open


Borkpelt (Night)

Applenose Open

Doge (Night)

Terriblejoke (Night)


Growlpaw (Night)


Flamekit (Flame)

Queens: Russetmoss Open

Elders: Loudsneeze (Night)

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